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2015.02.05 16:07
Chardin��s work experienced a revival in the middle of the nineteenth century in France. In an era of naturalism, the simplicity of his subjects and the humility of his approach struck a chord. C��zanne was part of this Chardin renaissance. Even as a mature artist, he continued to rethink his own artistic decisions in light of passages of painting by masters such as Chardin. C��zanne��s evident struggles with an optical truth, in painting what was in front of him, have come to stand for his modernism. His subtle homage to Chardin, however, reminds us that at the least this modernist painter did shopping ray ban sunglasses not reject the Old Masters, but wrestled with his predecessors on the way to transforming them.
Those who have read deeply in the history of technology will find much of this material familiar. But Isaacson has a great way with the telling detail, and he does an excellent job of showcasing the work of innovators such as Douglas Engelbart (who in the 1960s essentially invented a computer that had nearly all the features users take for granted today) and J. C. R. Licklider (who worked at the Defense Department and in some sense shepherded the Internet into existence), people who had a profound impact on modern life but whom most have never heard of. And while at heart, Isaacson is telling a story, he��s also trying to use history to investigate how innovation works.?
Unger and Smolin��s book, for example, swings a wrecking ball cheap coach purse through almost the whole of contemporary physics from Einstein onwards. They insist on three principles �C there is only one universe, time is real and mathematics is limited �C that would, if accepted, not only cause a revolution in physics but in the whole of science. Most importantly, they would displace physics as the queen of the sciences. Instead the real, experimentally and observationally demonstrable, history of the cosmos would become science��s new gold standard.
Faced with these problems defenders of the faith �C like the physicist Sean Carroll �C have argued that it is time we loosened our definition of science to include purely mathematical proofs. This is a serious �C indeed, a reckless �C escalation that turns what was a skirmish into outright war in which there will be many more casualities than just superstring theory.
��Stephen Hawking,�� says philosopher Roberto Mangabeira coach handbags Unger, ��is not part of the solution, he is part of the problem.��
The only way to ward off clich��s in speech and writing, as Hargraves suggests, is to use your imagination and judgment. The same applies to clich��s in life, with the added and sometimes painful necessity of consulting reality before being taken in by any of them.
Orin Hargraves also happens to be an amusing man, never more so than when he is in sarcastic mode, slashing away at clich��s. Some clich��s, for Hargraves, are ��swayback workhorses��; others come from ��the fetid stew of clich��dom.�� In shop ray ban sunglasses response to the clich�� ��the elephant in the room,�� he writes: ��Elephants in rooms outnumber elephants in Africa by nearly twenty to one.�� Let us forget that ��800-pound gorilla,�� which, if found in the same room with one of those elephants, can make for a densely packed room and provide serious housekeeping problems. Of ��meteoric rise,�� he notes, with astronomy on his side, that meteors usually fall. ��Slippery slope�� he allows has the appeal of alliteration but not much else. He excoriates ��bright eyed and bushy tailed�� by remarking that it contains ��a lot of syllables for a small idea.�� Using the phrase ��a whole host�� is ��a sure sign that you are running to the nearest exit from the theater of engaged thought.��
Consider, for example, give (someone/something) a wide berth. It conjures a vivid and apt image in relation to something that is like a ship under way: gigantic, mobile, and unstoppable. Give a wide berth can still be used effectively in a context that suggests this scenario. But its felicitous use conveys something more specific than simply ��avoid,�� and a writer for the Boston (UK) Standard who titled a recent column ��Why coach.com I��m giving Christmas adverts a wide berth�� has failed to rise above clich��. Perhaps he knew that ��Why I��m avoiding Christmas adverts like the plague�� would be an even worse offence, but he seems to have lacked the energy to dig any deeper.
None of this would be disputed by neuroscientists. But it perhaps highlights the distinctions between an understanding of the brain and an understanding of the mind. The implication seems to be that it is hard to develop one while you��re working on the other.
What the advent of the Internet signaled, particularly in combination with the birth of the personal computer, was the mainstreaming of the idea that, as Isaacson puts it, ��computers should be personal and interactive.�� This has been the central theme of the last three decades or so in computing: the personalization of technology and the transformation of coach handbags on sale computers from expensive, hard-to-use machines into accessible, affordable household devices that put immense computing power in the hands of individuals. And although corporations have obviously been integral to this process, the last 20 years have also seen the emergence of important, and surprising, new ways of producing software and organizing work��think of open-source software or Wikipedia.?
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